Regi Ashman

Composer, Musician and Arranger

New EP ‘Prologue’ out now on Bandcamp!

Regi Ashman is a composer, musician, arranger and drummer hailing from Adelaide, South Australia. Having studied jazz performance and composition at the James Morrison Academy of Music under the likes of David Jones, Mat Jodrell, Grant Windsor, Ross Irwin and James himself, Regi is well equipped to pursue his interest in creating unique musical experiences through both Live Performance and through Film, Television and Video Games & Interactive Media.


I always felt that I was in good hands with Regi. From our first meeting to delivery, he exceeded my expectations with a truly wonderful score and made the collaborative process so easy and great.

April – Director & Producer at Wild 7 Studios

Scoring for Film & Video Games

Having been a lifelong admirer of the musical aspects of film, television and video games, Regi has dedicated much time honing his skills in providing musical accompaniment to modern visual media.

Regi’s performance… as band leader was the definition of professional. His theoretical knowledge of the musical form is second only to his creativity. I look forward to working with him again…

Jacob Buckley – Producer of More Than a Game: The Unauthorized Footy Show Musical

Composition & Arranging

Whether you’re part of seasoned professional ensemble or a fledgling school band, an original composition or arrangement specifically tailored to your ensemble can be a unique and standout addition to your repertoire. While Regi specialises in writing for Jazz Big Band and small to large jazz ensembles, he is able to take on projects of other varying styles and ensemble sizes.

I asked Regi to do a live recording (jazz) for a gig and he was great! Incredibly cooperative, knows his craft and did a great job with the recordings. Well worth bringing him onboard for your project!

James Chapman

Remote Session Drums & Song Mixing

Do you need live drum parts for your latest recording? Do you need your song mixed? Good news, Regi can do both of these things. Regi has been interested in the many facets of music since childhood, ranging from the traditional aspects of performance, composition, song writing and arranging; to the more modern & technical aspects such as mixing, recording and production. This multi-faceted approach to music allows Regi to have a greater and more informed perspective when it comes to both playing drums and mixing. If you want a real ‘Musician’ to lay down some drums or mix your track, Regi has got you. For song mixing or remote session drumming, get in touch through either the contact form or through


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